CC Brows ( Henna Brows )

At Patrices Art of Beauty in Tuam Galway we stay at the forefront of brow technology so you can be sure your brows are the best they can be. We’re proud to introduce our newest service, Henna Brows, a natural, long-lasting alternative to ordinary tints. Henna is a plant-derived, vegan dye that has been used for thousands of years on skin and hair–it was only a matter of time before some clever clogs adapted it for your brows, and it really is a perfect match. We have a range of colours on offer for maximum flexibility with our styling, including shades specially formulated for blondes and brunettes (no need to worry about any red undertones!). CC Henna is more strongly pigmented, more customizable and lasts longer than most of the brow treatments we’ve come across, allowing you to take your brow game to another level.

What is henna dye?

Henna is extracted from the fibres of the henna plant, and has a history stretching back five thousand years. Henna has been used in traditional body art, as a hair dye and treatment, and for medicinal purposes. Henna encourages hair growth, acting as a skin and hair conditioner as well as a dye treatment–it really does everything! The CC Henna Brows solution is very strongly pigmented, ensuring a sharp shape for your brows that lasts much longer than a normal tint. As henna stains the skin temporarily, you will get the added benefit of deeper definition for around fourteen days–so ditch those brow pencils, ladies!

How long do Henna Brows last?

Henna’s natural dye is far more effective than an average brow tint–you should be looking at 4-6 weeks worth of beautifully defined henna brows. Henna also will stain the skin for 14 days on average, as a little-added extra.

Is Henna Brows safe to use?

As henna is a natural ingredient, there is a small chance that an allergic reaction could occur during the treatment. We would strongly recommend popping in for a quick patch test 48 before your Henna Brows booking, just for peace of mind–and if you experience any discomfort, just let us know! This is especially recommended if you have a strong history of allergic reactions. Even if you have had henna treatments before, a patch test is the best way to ensure you will love your Henna Brows.

I’m a redhead, will Henna Brows work on me?

Absolutely! Henna Brows is perfect for those with red tones, as the henna dye naturally carries a redder pigmentation. We know that redheads come in all shades, so we customise our Henna Brows colours to suit your individual brow! Just chat to your stylist, who will be happy to mix a tint for you.

Is Henna Brows effective on grey/white hair?

Henna absorbs much faster and deeper into the hair follicles than a normal tint, so it’s a great choice for those with lighter or more mature hair. Henna Brows is a deep tint and can create a strong brow, so we would recommend patch testing or choosing a slightly lighter shade for the best possible result. We will always chat to you before applying your Henna Brows treatment to ensure that your brow shade is right for you.

I really want to try Henna Brows, but my brows are naturally sparse! Can I still make it work?

If your brows are on the sparse side, Henna Brows could be your next favourite thing. The powerful natural dye is great for reshaping and filling out the brows–it picks up every little hair and stains the skin for brows that wow! Our stylists are highly trained in brow design and can customise the brow shape and colour to best suit your face. Plus, the conditioning properties of henna allow for increased hair growth, so you’re helping those brows out at the same time!

Does Henna Brows work with cosmetic tattoo?

Henna Brows is a fantastic option for a less permanent brow enhancement, especially if you’re debating whether or not to take the plunge into cosmetic tattoo. The skin staining can give a handy sneak peek into the brow shape and depth of colour allowed by cosmetic tattoo–and you can take your Henna Brows out on the town as a tester!

If you have an existing tattoo, you can absolutely try the henna treatment to freshen up your brows–Henna Brows stains the skin surface and hair follicles, but does not interfere with any pigments underneath the skin.

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Osmosis Skincare

Patrice’s Art of Beauty is  pleased to announce we now stock Osmosis Skincare.


Osmosis skincare provides the tools needed to create the ideal environment to encourage permanent change and overall radiance. Osmosis philosophy is based on analysing the skin and body as a whole to treat skin conditions at their source, restoring beauty and wellness.

The Osmosis skincare wellness system is a program designed to optimize the skin and body’s rejuvenation process. Osmosis holistically take aim at the origin of imbalances to impart real change. Using a multi-tiered approach we partner with the skin to remodel and heal without causing inflammation.


Osmosis skincare can assist with wound and DNA repair, Collagen and Cell renewal and help with the overall appearance of your skin.

Osmosis Skincare is definitely a range of skincare to look out for.

Patrice’s Art of Beauty is the only salon in Tuam, Galway to stock this amazing range and we look forward to helping provide you with the perfect skincare ritual.





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Tuam’s Waxing Specialists


Do you need waxing? At Patrice’s Art of Beauty we provide full body waxing using different types of wax and in-house techniques. We are proud of our specialty Waxing Services such as Brazilian and Hollywood wax. Our unique waxing is the best you will find in Tuam.

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New Stock and New Brands for 2015


We have our new delivery of some of the best brands in the skincare and beauty industry. We have too many different products to post them all online so make sure you pop into our salon on Bishop St, Tuam – Galway. We are happy to offer expert advice for any of your skincare needs.

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Patrice’s Must Have’s.


Check out my favourite products for the week. This range is perfect for skin spots and to lighten marked skin. I have noticed great improvement in my skin tone. Available now at Patrice’s Art of Beauty.

1 – Image Vital C Cleaner

2 – Image Vital C Masque

3 – Image Vital C Serum.

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Merry Christmas Everyone

Wishing you all a very Merry and fabulous Christmas. Thankyou everyone for making 2014 a year of laughs, friendships and joy. Without you all Patrice’s Art of Beauty would not be the same. A huge thankyou to my great team Laura and Tracey and to my wonderfully supportive family. I hope 2015 is just as great. Enjoy this day with loved ones and see you all soon. Patrice, Laura and Tracey.


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How To Create The Perfect Brow with Semi-Permanent Makeup.

At Patrice’s Art of Beauty  we are passionate about creating perfect eyebrows customised to our clients needs. With semi-permanent makeup becoming an increasingly popular procedure, techniques are improved regularly. To get the stunning and lasting results you require, we are constantly innovating our services to include the latest looks and techniques including; embroidery, 3D, hair strokes and power brow. Patrice is completely unique in her approach to all semi-permanent makeup procedures. Her 2 stage process ensures the results are elevated and that the most natural looks possible are created.   All photo’s are by Patrice and are copyright. 10380883_899317436748918_7909503232451393536_n  10471089_903551916325470_3004015939503561697_n10410219_898681733479155_1572915801317130806_n

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The Hottest Makeup Look to Hit 2015

EVERY season we’re treated to a new variation upon “natural” beauty.

Almost more of a non-trend than a trend, the aim is to achieve a raw, natural-looking beauty using make-up to conceal flaws and to define features rather than to completely transform (and yes, that means no mascara). The only make-up used at Alexander Wang and Balmain was a little concealer where it was needed, whilst at Christopher Kane, Guido Palau merely washed and dried hair before adding a little oil to tame any frizz. At Emilio Pucci and Giambattista Valli, eyes were given a wash of pale colour to hollow and enhance shape, whilst Lucia Pieroni complemented messy plaits with illuminated skin for a “Nineties supermodel glow” at Giles.


In essence, it’s a look that’s all about using as few products as possible to create a look that is fresh, modern and real. As Guido Palau told us backstage: “Doing as little as possible but still looking good is the most modern thing that you can do right now.”

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Makeup Transformations You Need To See To Believe.


10755979_389894344507654_498362973_n 10787937_1531837343741091_1494042537_a 10809473_670481753065602_1977367164_n

Make up artist Jan Bonito has become an overnight internet sensation thanks to his amazing makeup transformations.

He has done some of the characters from from American Horror story and also one of my favourites is that of Lana Del Rey.

Check out his instagram http://instagram.com/jkbonito